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Termite Control Services in Gurgaon



We found various kinds of pests in our homes termites are one of them who can destroy our expensive goods. Lets we discuss about termite, what termites are and how they can prove hazardous for our life?

What is termite?

Termites are very small and soft pale bodied creature that lives in large groups with different casts. Termites are very destructive in nature specially they feed woods and becomes home pests. Generally termites make mound on cemented walls and they eat our wooden furniture like sofa, bed, Almirah, doors and shoes cases etc.

Types of Termites:

Generally two types of termites are found in our homes one is Worker and second one is Swarmer. They both are hazardous for our homes and they can make huge damage of our personal property. Worker termites are usually found in creamy color and they lives in the mound of mud. They are smaller than swarmer termites in the size. In other hand swarmer termites are dark brown and black colored termites which live in groups. Swarmer termites feed on wood they do have wings or not they leave their wings in the critical situation.



Why Prevention of termites is required:

We spend lots of money in our office and home infrastructure but when termite enters in our homes then they start damaging our wooden goods so we need to prevent them instantly. If prevention step does not take quickly then they can create a big financial loss for us. Zero Pest Solutions is offering best methodologies of termite treatment in Gurgaon.

Our termite Prevention Process:

Zero Pest Solutions has very experienced professionals to manage our termite treatment services. Generally we do three steps to prevent termites.

Step1. Inspection:

After hearing your termite problem we send a person at your home or office to inspect the infected area. Our technician properly inspects your home and gives you an idea of estimated cost for the treatment.

Step2. Treatment:

After inspection our professional team goes to your home and use WHO recommended medicines and sprays to treat the termites. This treatment is odorless and safe for your pets and senior citizens. Even you can stay in your home while the treatment is going on. All the termites are killed in this process from root.

Step3. Service:

Sometimes due to environmental conditions if in case you found termite problems again in the warranty period then you can call us without any hesitation we are always ready to help you. Apart from one time termite treatment services we also offer AMC (Annual Maintenance Contact) services for our prestigious clients.

FAQs related to termite:

1. How do we recognize termites:

Ans. Termites are often creates some soft wood from our wooden furniture. They often live in mud tubes on the walls of your homes.

2. How much damage they can do?

Ans. Termite seems small in size but can make huge damage of our wooden goods. It starts damaging slowly but they finish our wooden goods cannot be even repair.

3. When can we do for termite prevention?

Ans. We can take termite treatment services offered by pest control firms so that they can remove termites from your homes completely.

4. Can we control termites by home remedies?

Ans. Termites are not easy to control by home remedies effectively so we need to take termite treatment through pest control service provider like Zero Pest Solutions.

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